Welcome to PHIL

Bringing PHIL·anthropy and community awareness to your fingertips

Who is PHIL?


PHIL is short for phil(anthropy). It was created and inspired by people who believe a lifestyle of philanthropy is for everyone and by people who believe benevolence and community engagement result in long-lasting happiness.


PHIL is a website and app where citizens can learn more about local nonprofits through a real-time ASKfeed and donate to causes and projects most important to them. By knowing the immediate needs, goals, and obstacles of nonprofits, citizen engagement will grow.

Why Join PHIL?

Transparency leads to trust
and trust leads to solutions. Our partner nonprofits have been examined by PHIL to validate satisfactory governance, practices, and reputation.
Your security and privacy matters.
PHIL is a secure site where you information is kept strictly private.
It’s retail therapy — that works!
With PHIL, you can increase your community awareness and donate money towards real services and goods to be used by those in need.

Become a Donor with PHIL

To become a PHILr (a donor “PHIL-ing” needs), just start a free and secure account. PHIL will provide you curated ASKfeed based on your interests, ensuring you have instant access to nonprofits with immediate needs meaningful to you. You will also see how your donation makes an impact as updates are posted and ASKs are fulPHILd.

Become a Nonprofit Partner

PHIL makes your life easier so you can focus on the real work of enhancing our communities. Complete the PHIL Application and within two business days you will be approved or PHIL will call for more information. After you have received access, you can begin sharing with the community through ASKs and fulPHILd updates.

PHIL·anthropy is for everyone
Make giving a habit, a lifestyle, and a celebration with PHIL. Community issues and crises are best solved when local citizens are passionate, informed, and engaged.