Getting Started

PHIL is about creating a habit of philanthropy to fit your budget and lifestyle.


There are no monthly fees – only what you choose to donate to your favorite causes.

  1. Browse the ASKfeed to find
  2. Click Donate to support your cause and start an account.
    (You can donate anonymously, but you must be have an account to process a payment)
  3. Share your favorite causes with your family and friends to help fulPHIL the need and see your cause in action!

PHIL is community.
Your community needs are best served when local citizens like you are passionate, informed, and engaged. Phil’s nonprofit organizations are committed to transparency and trust, so you can support in confidence.

PHIL is for everyone.
Every donation, no matter its size, makes a difference. And when we all work together, big things happen.

PHIL is about YOU
You select your cause, you select how much to give, and you share in the celebration progress made by the organizations and communities you are committed to helping!