Adding an Update to an ASK

You can post multiple Updates to each ASK to keep PHILrs who donated to the ASK engaged with the project.

To add an Update to an ASK, visit the Account Dashboard, go to My ASKs, and click on the first icon (“edit” icon) when hovering over the ASK.

A new section for Project Updates will appear in the ASK after it is previously saved. Simply fill in the headline of the update, and then write the update content in the indicated areas.

When the Update is filled in, scroll to the bottom of the page to save the ASK changes. Updates do not require review by PHIL admin.

  • As you can see from the example, Updates will benefit from a more descriptive headline. Try to use the Update headline to indicate what is in the update, so that viewers will be inspired to click through and read the post.

Ideas for updates:

  • Thanking PHILrs for reaching a milestone in the ASK fundraising timeline – first x number of donations, half way to goal, limited time left, etc
  • Have the funds collected so far been put to use? If so, then what has been accomplished?
  • Also consider posting updates after an ASK is completed to keep your PHILrs engaged and excited about your organization. Now that this ASK is funded, what has been accomplished with the funds? Has this project enabled a new phase that is posted as a new ASK on PHIL? (include a link)

Updates are emailed to everyone who donated to the ASK.

Find more account resources and information on the
nonprofit account Resources Page.

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to contact PHIL at admin@philtheneed.com