How to Create an ASK

What is an ASK?

An ASK is a need, either financial or volunteer opportunity, that you share with the PHIL community. Donors (aka PHILrs) will see your and other local nonprofits ASKs in their ASKfeed. They then use the ASK to learn more about your organization, your current projects, and what you will do with their money if they choose to donate to you. The process is simple and eye-opening for the PHILrs.

The details page follows this basic layout:

From the ASK page, a PHILr can pay a donation to the project, leave a comment or question, and use one of the sharing links to share the ASK to their social media account or website. They can also click on the link to your organization’s profile page to see other ASKs made by your account.

How to Create an ASK

Creating an ASK is as simple as filling in the blanks. Probably the most difficult part of this process will be deciding how to write your ASK’s story, but don’t worry.   PHIL admins review each ASK before it’s published online. If there’s something more that can be done to enhance your ASK, we will reach out to you.

First log into your account on PHIL, and go to My Account. The last tab in your Account Dashboard area will display as “Create ASK” if you have no ASKs previously created. Click on this tab and the form will load for filling out your ASK details.


Once you have an ASK created, whether it is in draft, pending review or posted live, then this tab will appear as My ASKs. Here you will see an orange Create an ASK button at the bottom of the page.

It is important to know that you can save the ASK as a draft, so it doesn’t have to be completed all at once.

General Information

ASK Headline: This is the title of your ASK project

  • Try to frame this as a call to action.
  • Try not to start with “Help us”. This is a common call to action and will get repetitive and lost in the ASKfeed.
  • Make the first 30 characters count! When PHILrs are browsing the ASKfeed, only the first 30 characters will show. If your headline is longer than 30 characters, it will get cut off in the ASKfeed, but show completely on the details page.

Other fields in the General Information area are: Goal Amount, ASK Category, Start Date and End Date of the ASK.

  • The ASK category should be applicable to the ASK, and does not have to match your Nonprofit category
  • The start date can be set out in advance of the planned fundraising campaign. Once the ASK is approved by PHIL admin, then the ASK will appear in the feed on the desired start date.
  • Selecting “Expires on End Date” creates a sense of urgency that can spur PHILrs to take action now, rather than wait until later to donate (and potentially forget). PHIL also highlights projects that are about to expire to help aid that sense of urgency.

ASK Details

The Short description should be 1 to 3 sentences long and expand on the call to action made in the Headline.

The Long description has no character limit and may use common text formatting like bold, italics, bullet points and smaller images.

  • Use bold headlines and shorter paragraphs to make the ASK’s story easier to read and digestible for PHILrs.

The FAQ can use common text formatting like the Long Description.

  • Use bold headlines and short answers for improved readability.
  • Include a brief description of your organization
  • Include the Question “Is my donation tax-deductible?”
  • This section can be updated with new questions and answers that may be received after the ASK is posted live.


Tip: Use the Long Description to ignite the PHILr’s imagination and help them feel personally engaged with this project. How will their donation change the community? Who’s lives will be impacted and improved by successfully fulPHILing this ASK?

ASK Banner Image

The ASK banner image should be 807 pixels wide by 454 pixels tall in JPG or PNG file format. If the image is larger in pixel dimension, then the excess margins will be cut off on the page view.

Suggested Donation Options

In this section, first set how many suggested donation levels should be presented with this ASK, and then fill in the details for each suggested donation level. Every field is required, but if you wish to not display a short description and long description with each level, then simply enter a space in that area.

You can have one or several donation price levels.

Always include one level for “Donate Any Amount”, and leave the Option price at $0. This enables PHILrs to contribute an amount they can afford, even if the specific amount they want to give is not included in the other levels.

There are varying advantages to the way that the suggested donation levels.

The Option Name (in bold) and Short Description will show on the left column of the details page like this, so try not to make the short description too lengthy:

Saving the ASK Project

At the very end of the page, there are two options for saving the ASK form. Saving the ASK as a draft simply saves your current work that can be edited more at a later time.

When the ASK is ready to be published live, click Submit for Review.

  • All ASKs are reviewed by PHIL admins before being published live to the ASKfeed.
  • PHIL admins may email suggestions to improve the ASK details. In this case, the ASK will be saved as a draft again. When the Nonprofit user is done reviewing the suggestions, the ASK can be Submitted for Review again.

Once an ASK is saved either in draft form or submitted for review, a message will display at the top of the editing form with a link to preview how the ASK will look to the public once published live:

Managing ASKs – Drafts and Updates

Once you have at least once ASK saved, either as a draft, submitted for review, or published live, your Account tab will read My ASKs. All of your account ASKs will list here in a grid. The status of the ASK will appear in the upper left of the image – Draft, Submitted for Review, or Published.

You can edit any ASK at any time to update details or add an Update.

After an ASK is published live and donations have been collected on the ASK, you can download a CSV with a list of all the donations.


Find more account resources and information on the
nonprofit account Resources Page.

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to contact PHIL at admin@philtheneed.com