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PHIL, short for PHILanthropy, is an online marketplace for nonprofits to showcase their needs in small portions for member subscribers, known as PHILrs, to search for philanthropic causes of personal interest and donate towards each need. Through PHIL, we see how coming together in our communities as PHILrs enables us to be part of the solution and share in the celebration through project updates! Find out more information at

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[Your organization’s name] is now on PHIL! Join us there and help fulPHIL our goal for a better, stronger community –
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Be a part of making your community stronger and more successful. Find out more information at
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Trade in that coffee for a better community – Join us on PHIL –
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Join us on PHIL and fund the causes you care about most –
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PHIL, short for PHILanthropy, helps people like you find and fund the causes you care about in your local community. Find out more information at
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