Tools to Promote Your ASK

Publishing ASK projects on PHIL creates an opportunity for your organization and fundraising projects to get discovered by new PHILrs, but also makes it easy for your current supporters and fans to donate when the call for help is made.

Be sure to let your fans and supporters there is an easy new way to keep their favorite community nonprofit successfully funded and doing the work that’s important to them.

Best practices for promoting your ASK:

  1. Email your subscriber list
  2. Share on social media
  3. Add a link to your organization website
  4. Add a link for your PHIL profile page to your email signature

Also, when you post Updates to your existing ASKs, PHILrs who donated will get automated email notifications. Include a reminder for your PHILrs to share the ASK to their Facebook or Twitter.

Suggested Sharing Frequency

Scheduling a promotion calendar for your ASK helps keep your project in mind for your supporters and increases the social sharing reach.

PHIL recommends

  • One email to your subscriber list when the ASK is introduced
    • If the timeline for the ASK is more than a week, try sending out at least one more email the day before the end of the ASK
  • A social share three times each week
    • Don’t worry about “spamming” your social followers by posting multiple times in a week. Facebook only shows each post to some of the people who like your page, and Tweets only have about a 3 hour lifespan before the post gets lost in the long list of other people tweeting. Posting more often means that more people will see at least one post.

Suggested Emails

PHIL recommends an email introduction when launching your first ASK. You know best what will capture your supporters’ attention, whether it is

  • a plain text message from a spokesperson,
  • a bold email message (like the one displayed below) focused on your new partnership with PHIL, or
  • a post in a regularly scheduled email newsletter.

For your convenience, here is a basic email introduction available via Mailchimp: https://us17.admin.mailchimp.com/templates/share?id=90463761_a6a1e7cb5be0c13b1bc8_us17

How to share to Social Media

Sharing ASKs to social media is encouraged throughout the PHIL site to the main social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

You can write your own post, or simply open the details page of the ASK you want to share and promote and click on the relevant social media icon:

Clicking on any of the social share buttons will automatically create an image link to the ASK page for your post:


Embed an ASK to a webpage

As an alternative to creating your own images and adding your own code to your website to display an ASK, PHIL provides easy code snippets to embed an ASK thumbnail to your website. The formatting of the embedded ASK makes it ideal for sidebar or footer widget areas.


How to find your PHIL profile link

Including a link to your PHIL profile in email signatures and other online websites makes it easy to share the news about your latest ASKs on PHIL.

To find your public profile link, go to your Account, then click on the Nonprofit Profile tab. The URL in the address bar at the top of your browser can be used by anyone to see your public profile and all published ASKs.



Find more account resources and information on the
nonprofit account Resources Page.

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to contact PHIL at admin@philtheneed.com