Tour Your Account Profile Dashboard

When you first log into your new Nonprofit account, you can select to save your login information so that you will be already logged in the next visit.


The first screen in your Dashboard tab displays your account name and profile image. This first tab is private. When standard performance reporting becomes available, it will be accessible from this screen.


Your Account tab is private and stores your account and organization details. Most of this information will be already filled in from your initial registration form, and can be edited at any time.

Items you should update the first time you log in:

  • Profile image – Images sized 200×200 pixels, recommended
  • Account password

The Bio field in your Account tab will appear on your public profile, and can utilize simple HTML tags, especially “a href” link tags. Some useful information to include in your profile biography may include

  • an overall description of your organization and what you do,
  • the community area that you serve,
  • your organization’s website,
  • your 501(c) classification (such as 501(c)3), and
  • whether donations to your organization are tax-deductible.


Nonprofit Profile

The Nonprofit Profile tab displays your account’s public profile view. It includes your account profile image, Display Name, Bio text, as well as links to your account Facebook and Twitter accounts. A donate button enables visitors the ability to donate directly to your organization, rather than to a specific ASK, if they wish.

Payment Settings

The Payment Settings tab is where your PHIL account connects with your Stripe account and enables donation payments directly to your selected bank account. The connection between your PHIL account and Stripe account is securely encrypted and cannot be revoked except through your Stripe dashboard or by a PHIL administrator. In addition, after the connection is made, your Stripe account is not accessible through your PHIL profile as it can only be accessed by logging into your Stripe account at https://dashboard.stripe.com.

If you do not already have a Stripe account, you will need to visit https://stripe.com/. The process takes less than ten minutes.

Create ASK / My ASKs

The last tab is where you manage your ASK fundraising projects. This tab will display as “Create ASK” if you have no ASKs previously created. Once you have an ASK created, whether it is in draft, pending review or posted live, then this tab will appear as My ASKs. Click here for more information on creating and managing your ASKs.

Find more account resources and information on the
nonprofit account Resources Page.

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to contact PHIL at admin@philtheneed.com